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What are the Steps to Reformat an Apple MacBook

Reformat an Apple MacBook 2018 Admin MacBook service center

Apple MacBook is a brand of notebook devices, iphones and many more. New MacBook is thin, light and faster than any before. It has a new feature such as touch bar, a strip of glass on the keyboard for instant access of any tool you want. But even devices like Macbook can malfunction and sometimes all you can do is to reformat. But keep backup of your data; otherwise, everything will be lost after reformatting it. If you have not created any backup, then chose the option of reformatting your system only if it is the last option available.

Steps to Reformat your MacBook:

  • Our first advice will be to back up all your data and store it on an external hard drive, as after the reformat all your data will be lost.
  • After you have backed up all your data, insert Mac OSX CD into the optical drive. Click on the Apple icon present on the top right of the screen and tap the restart button.
  • When the reformat is in progress, access the utilities. To access the utilities press and hold key C simultaneously with the start up sound. Now an installer screen would appear.
  • Select installer > Open > Disk utilities.
  • When you are at disk utilities you will encounter a lot of options, select the erase tab then select the drive you want to reformat from the volume format drop up menu.
  • Click on the options and then select zero all data check box. Then you have to click on OK to confirm and further select Erase to proceed. Depending upon the size of the drive the reformatting will take time.

Now, your MacBook will be reformatted, but if some problem still persists, then contact Macbook Repair Center. We provide solutions to all your technical problems with ease.

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